who are we, you ask?


we are caroline + jayden. a wife + a husband. an american + an australian. a photographer + a photographer.

on most days, you'll find us with a camera in our hands or a macbook pro on our laps [editing] while we watch re-runs of breaking bad, mad men or arrested development.

we love to travel, like, an extreme amount. [example: we visited all 7 continents in 2014.] when we're on the move, we prefer to crash on people's floors so we can spend our entire budget on great food. [that's the long way of saying we are foodies, but we don't really like that word, so we avoided it. but then we ended up using it anyway. see what you made us do?]

we met because we're also both musicians. in 2003, jayden was touring through the states with his australian band, and we happened to play at the same venue in wisconsin. we met backstage when we bumped heads at the drinking fountain, and it's been love ever since. [we got married in 2005.]

if you want more than what you're getting here, you can find more on our personal instas here: @teamwoodnote [caroline] + @jaydesypants [jayden]

our portrait-y sessions start at $600 and our wedding collections begin at $4900. every time you hire us, you'll also receive the high res edited images included in your portfolio. because that's what we would hope to get whenever we have our photos taken, and we want to treat you the way we'd want to be treated.

so drop us a lil 'hello', will you? we can't wait to hear from you! xo

[a selfie. from our adventures at burning man.]

[a selfie. from our adventures at burning man.]